Social events

That extra little detail, a whiff of originality that will spice up a successful and well-organised event; in other words, the cherry on top.

Reception & Gala dinner

Social events, like for example a reception or gala dinner, are important elements of a conference because they allow the participants to network and get to know each other outside the conference program.


In Aalborg, there is ample opportunity to find the perfect location for your social events, regardless of whether you would like something traditional or something more unconventional.


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Experience Aalborg

The capital of northern Denmark is home to countless experiences - and we have gathered some of them here. Read about the history of Aalborg, the Street Art city Aalborg, the architectural Aalborg and many of the city's other attractions.


Aalborg is located in the beautiful northern part of Jutland, which is surrounded by the ocean, as well as some of Denmark's most beautiful nature. Here you can find an abundance of experiences.

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