Social events

That extra little detail, a whiff of originality that will spice up a successful and well-organised event; in other words, the cherry on top.

Reception & Gala dinner

Social events, like for example a reception or gala dinner, are important elements of a conference because they allow the participants to network and get to know each other outside the conference program.


In Aalborg, there is ample opportunity to find the perfect location for your social events, regardless of whether you would like something traditional or something more unconventional.


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Musikkens Hus

Experience the unique and magnificent Musikkens Hus (the House of Music)

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center (AKKC) is centrally located in the city with a view of Aalborg's beautiful city park, Kildeparken.


In the absolute centre of Aalborg you will find Salling and its beautiful ROOFTOP, which is a 1400 square meter rustic and urban city park at the very top of Aalborg

Aalborg Kloster

In the heart of Aalborg you can find the Monastery of the Holy Ghost, which is one of the largest and best preserved monasteries in Denmark. The monas...

Aalborg Airport

In addition to being an airport that allows you to travel to Aalborg from all corners of the world, Aalborg Airport also has a VIP lounge where you ca...

Aalborg City Hall

On Gammeltorv, in the very middle of Aalborg, lies Aalborg Rådhus (Aalborg City Hall), which was built in 1762 in late Baroque style with a sandstone-...


Nordkraft is a fundamental symbol of Aalborg’s great transformation from an industrial city with large concrete buildings, high chimneys and heavy smo...

Gala under the treetops in the Robbers' Camp

Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience: A "mugging" in Rold Forrest

Voergaard Slot (Voergaard Castle)

Experience a medieval atmosphere in the authentic surroundings located behind the walls of Voergaard Slot. By hosting a reception of conference dinner at Voergaard Slot, you are guaranteed a different kind of experience

Aalborg Street Food - The Kitchen Factory

Do you want to spice up your conference with a reception that is different from the typical polished floors, steel trays and welcome drinks? Then you should visit Aalborg Street Food.

Restaurant FUSION

In beautiful settings at one of Aalborg’s perhaps best locations right by the Limfjord you can find Restaurant Fusion, which offers culinary experiences from the European and Asian kitchens

Feasting with Harald Blåtand

Lindholm Høje, the largest Viking burial site in all of Northern Europe, is located on the top of the highest hill in the area, meaning it has a beautiful view of the Limfjord and Aalborg

Dinner under the water at Nordsøen Oceanarium

Enjoy a lovely dinner under the surface of Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, which offers a world full of educational and exciting experiences

Experience Aalborg

The capital of northern Denmark is home to countless experiences - and we have gathered some of them here. Read about the history of Aalborg, the Street Art city Aalborg, the architectural Aalborg and many of the city's other attractions.

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Photo: VisitAalborg

Gastronomy in Aalborg

Here are some great examples from Aalborg's gastronomic scene that undoubtedly guarantee great taste and a cosy atmosphere.

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Aalborg is located in the beautiful northern part of Jutland, which is surrounded by the ocean, as well as some of Denmark's most beautiful nature. Here you can find an abundance of experiences.

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National Park Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov

Let one of Denmark's most beautiful nature areas set the mood for your excursion when you host a conference, congress or meeting in Aalborg


At the top of Denmark you will find the charming town, Skagen, which is known for its characteristic yellow houses, famous painters, the special light, and last but not least, "Grenen"


In the harsh nature of the edge of the North Sea lies Lønstrup - a small fishing village that has maintained its authentic charm and identity


You can find a piece of untouched cultural heritage in Rold Skov (Rold Forest), which is located just a 30-minute drive south of Aalborg. REGAN Vest is one of Denmark’s best maintained Cold War bunkers. Today, the bunker is being rebuilt so that it can function as a museum

Voergaard Slot

Experience a fantistic world with fairy tales and scary ghost stories - crawl into the dungeon, experience the priceless treasures and royal antiques. and find the bloodstain that cannot be removed. Voergaard Slot is a treasure full of history.