Skovsti i Skovdalen

Sustainable hosting

As the host of a meeting, it can be an advantage - both economically, socially and PR wise - to organise a green and sustainable event. Below you can find a list of suggestions as to how you can make your event more sustainable, as well as concrete measures that can be implemented.

Fade med veganske retter

Choice of venue

  • Choose conference facilities in the city centre that are within walking distance of the hotels and the city
  • Require that caterers supply local and sustainable produce
  • Offer tap water instead of bottled water
  • Avoid single use cutlery, plates, cups, etc.
  • Agree on a waste sorting policy with the conference venue where the waste is sorted in accordance with Aalborg Municipality’s guidelines
  • Donate leftover food, flowers and materials to, for example, shelters, nursing homes, etc.
  • Examine which options are available in terms of reducing electricity consumption
Donkey Bikes orange lånecykler


  • Make it clear that Aalborg is a city where you can walk to pretty much everything
  • Introduce Aalborg’s many public transportation options, such as train, bus and bicycle
  • Encourage guests to utilise the new train connection from Aalborg Airport that quickly takes you to the centre of Aalborg, just a short walk away from Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center’s backyard
Flyer fra First Hotels med afvisning om rengøring af værelse ved længervarende ophold


  • Inform the guests about the hotels that have a green profile or an environmental certification, for example via a list of hotels and their sustainability efforts
Genbrugsspande til affald


  • Make informational materials, participant lists, etc. available online
  • Limit the amount of printed materials and disposables
  • Utilise sustainably produced conference materials and products from sustainable suppliers
Kvinde putter keyhanger i beholder, så den kan blive genbrugt


  • Use recycled paper to make nametags
  • Encourage guests to return their nametags, plastic covers, key hangers, etc.
Mand sidder til kongress og lytter


  • Tell the guests about the sustainable efforts behind the event
  • Tell the guests about how they can contribute to the sustainable agenda