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Our free conference services

Get a complete overview of how we can help you plan, bid on and win your international conference, congress or meeting that you want to host in Aalborg.

We will help you from the start

- We help you plan and bid on your conference, congress or meeting in Aalborg.

VisitAalborg Convention Bureau is your professional sparring partner with more than 30 years of experience planning and coordinating conferences. We can also help you through the entire process of bidding on a conference, right from the moment the idea of hosting a conference occurs and until the venue for the conference has been chosen.

The consideration phase

- Are you considering hosting a conference? We can help you figure out the details.

  • We clarify the organisation's requirements for conference destinations
  • We offer to initiate and maintain contact to the organisation
  • We can advise you about Aalborg's meeting facilities, hotels, social events, transport, etc.
  • We can advise you about other meeting facilities, interior decorations, catering, AV equipment, etc.
  • We will work out a timeline for the project

Hosting a conference is a showcase that contributes to increased visibility, network and attracting international talents. Find more good reasons as to why you should spearhead a conference.

The bidding phase

- The ways in which you bid on a conference can be very different. Sometimes all it takes is for you to volunteer, while other times it is a far more demanding process that includes the submission of an actual bid. This could be anything from a PowerPoint presentation to a hardcore official bid, or everything in between. Regardless of its nature, we will help you through the process.

- Do you have the opportunity to spearhead a conference? We will help you throughout the entire process and produce the exact material you need to win the conference.

  • We offer to act as the project manager during the bidding process, and we will ensure that all deadlines and requirements for the bid are met
  • We will advise you about venues, accommodation, social events, restuarants, transport, etc.
  • We will plan, coordinate and fund site inspections for national and international decision-makers
  • In close cooperation with you, the venue, hotels, social event and much more will be chosen. We will negotiate offers and reserve everything ahead of time, so when the conference is won, it will be easy to do the final booking
  • We will help with the draft budget and calculate participation costs
  • We will help produce professional bidding and presentation material, including bidding information, PowerPoint presentations, posters and much more. All of this will be customised for your conference so it reflects what the participants can expect from Aalborg
  • We deliver the bid either in print or digitally 
  • We give you free access to VisitAalborg's photo, video and brochure material

Presenting your bid

- Your bid has been sent. We offer:

  • To accompany and support you when the bid is presented to the international decision-makers.
  • To participate in coordinated meeting both in Denmark and abroad until the decision about the placement of the conference has been made
  • To plan, coordinate and conduct site inspections for international decision-makers

The conference is won

- You have won the conference, but what now? We will help you figure out what to do next...

  • We will help you get in touch with professional congress organisers (PCOs), should you need help with the practical handling of the conference
  • We ensure a good hand-over of all the reservations we have made in the bidding process to either you or the PCO you wish to utelise
  • We offer free access to VisitAalborg's media archive, which has pictures from Aalborg, video, press coverage, etc.
  • We offer VisitAalborg's Tourist Guide in physical form for the participants' velcome packages