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About MeetDenmark

MeetDenmark is a national development company for business tourism that works to attract international conferences, congresses and meetings to Denmark.

MeetDenmark is an independent association that was established in 2015 on the grounds of Danish tourism laws, and it works based on the vision: 

"The association, MeetDenmark, will contribute to creating growth rates in the congress and meeting industry, which is at least at the same level as other European nations"


Members of MeetDenmark

MeetDenmark consists of tourism organisations from four of the biggest business tourism destinations in Denmark: VisitAarhus, VisitAalborg, Wonderful Copenhagen and Inspiring Denmark, which covers The Region of Southern Denmark as well as the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.


Projects in MeetDenmark

MeetDenmark is currently working on, among other things, the development project Outreach and Legacy, which is attempting to create a closer connection between a conference and the local population in the city where the conference is being held.

The basic idea of the project is that when local and foreign knowledge, talents, networks and potential business opportunities come together, the create a synergy effect the benefits both the local community in the city where the conference is being held, as well as the organisation behind the conference and the conference participants.

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