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Free advice and planning

- we are here to help you find the right setting for your conference, congress
or meeting in Aalborg

VisitAalborg Convention Bureau is your professional sparring partner when you are considering hosting your next conference, congress or meeting in Aalborg.

We have more than 30 years of experience bidding on and winning international conferences in all sizes - often in close collaboration with the city's professional environments. We are the connection between you and the city's many exciting venues, hotels and possible experiences, and we are happy to share our knowledge of traditional and unconventional set-ups - also the ones that you can't find on your own.

If you have the possibility to spearhead a conference, we can assist you with several non-academic tasks related to planning and bidding on a conference, thereby giving you room to focus on the academic content that we are not able to help you with! However, we have a thorough knowledge of the city, its facilities and possibilities, and therefore we can help you find the perfect setting for your conference, congress or meeting in Aalborg.

We work for free and our services include:

  • Advice on conference venues, accommodation, social events, restaurants, transport, etc.
  • Obtaining offers, advice on budgeting as well as preparation of budgets.
  • Pre-booking of meeting venues, hotels, social events, etc.
  • Sparring on the program for the event
  • Coordination and production of bids and presentations tailored to your conference and reflecting what participants will experience in Aalborg.
  • Planning and conduction of site inspections for decision-makers.
  • Presentation of Aalborg as a destination for organisations’ boards, nationally and internationally.
  • Participation in coordination of meetings in the planning process, nationally and internationally.
  • Free access to VisitAalborg’s image, film, and brochure material.

We are your free sparring partner right from the moment you first consider hosting a conference and all the way until it has been decided if the conference is coming to Aalborg. We will then help you establish contact to a professional conference organiser (PCO), is you wish, and hand over all the reservations we have made to wither you or a PCO.


When should you contact us?

Contact us as soon as the thought of hosting an international conference, congress or meeting in Aalborg hits you. Then we can help you figure out how Aalborg can accommodate the conference and offer inspiration as to how the conference program might look.

Additional information

Our free conference services

Get a complete overview of how we can help you plan, bid on and win your international conference, congress or meeting that you want to host in Aalborg.

Host a conference

Hosting a conference on your home field is very advantageous. Among other things, conferences are the perfect way to draw attention to your research and obtain personal recognition whilst promoting your organisation.


This is what previous conference hosts have thought about their cooperation with and the help they received from VisitAalborg Convention.


If you're in doubt then do not hesitate to contact us  - we will help you find the answer   There are many things to keep track of when you host a conference. Therefore, we have gathered a range of free handbooks and material in which you can find advice and guidance.

Media archive

In this database, we have gathered a collection of pictures from Aalborg that can give you an impression of the city. You are welcome to use these photos to promote your conference in Aalborg.

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