Aalborg havnefront - Jomfru Ane Park

All of Aalborg welcomes you

Photo: Michael Damsgaard

Aalborg warms your heart!

Aalborg is an atmospheric city where you can meet some of the world's happiest people. Aalborgenserne (the people of Aalborg) have a warm sparkle in their eyes and a contagious sense of calmness that rubs off on everyone around them.

The people of Aalborg are also really great at enjoying the surroundings and experiences that the city has to offer. Maybe that is why the people of Aalborg have been named the happiest people in the world several times!

Inspiration for experiences in Aalborg

Aalborg has something for everyone

Aalborg has plenty to offer, regardless of whether you enjoy art and culture, music, physical activites or a long shopping trip.

Gastronomy in Aalborg

Here are some great examples from Aalborg's gastronomic scene that undoubtedly guarantee great taste and a cosy atmosphere.

Art and architecture in Aalborg

Aalborg is home to several architectural masterpieces - explore the streets of the city and discover the beautiful buildings.