Kildeparken Aalborg

In Aalborg you can walk everywhere

The advantage of a small big city is that you can walk everywhere!

In Aalborg, there is never far from your hotel to conference venue and on to your reception or conference dinner at one of the city's delicious restaurants. Between your conference program you can enjoy a walk through the city cosy streets, relax in the green oases, explore the city's many beautiful street-art paintings or experience the waterfront, which is adorned by the Utzon Center and the unique Musikkens Hus (the House of Music).

Hjelmerstald i Aalborg

Walk from A to B in beautiful surroundings

Transportation time is considered by many conference participants to be a waste of time - but you won't experience that feeling in Aalborg! Everything is within walking distance and you can easily get around on foot. If you are in a hurry, take one of the city's many rental bikes and get around in a quick, fun and "green" manner.

Limfjordsbroen Aalborg